vintage stuff

This weekend I visited my grandma because it was her 86th birthday! Yes indeed 86! I love visitng my grandma because I allways come home with something.
Lucky me she's very generous!
This time again I found some adorable vintage stuff she didn't wear for years! E.g. A pair of earrings, a few handbags, alovely necklace and some pieces of real fur!
Not that I'm such a big fan of real fur although I like the looks you can create with them. I like better fake just for moral reasons. Besides that it's not that I wouldn't wear, I just wouldn't buy it by myself.
If I find some more time I will post some pictures of these cute things but now I'm in the middle of my examination period and I don't have much time left for my blog

I hope I can post some more after myt examinations!


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