Hi Smoothies,

Finally, I can proudly say that my exams are finished!
- Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey -
It was about time because I couldn't take these short nights of sleep anylonger!

Now summer holidays are taking off and the heath finally found this little country, all I want to do is putting together some funky summerstyles, making fresh and tasty summersalades, and having a night out in the city with my girlfriends. Within a 2 weeks I go to Spain for some earned relaxing! I can't wait to get my new bikini's on and take a jump in the pool.

I really like this Bikini. I found it on pinterest but unfortunately I can"t find where to buy it.

This is something I am definitely going to try this summer when the heath is becoming too much. Such a cool way to cool off.

I don't know what's your favorite in these temperatures but I love to light up the bbq and grill some fresh fish or meat  and serve it with a tasty an fresh summer salad. The quinoa salad with avocado and cilantro looks very delicious to me. So does the salsas!
 If it's a bit warmer, heavy food is a no go for me. I prefer light and fresh dishes. Another refreshing favorite of mine is a rocket ice lolly! On those moments I can't take the heath anymore, nothing is more refreshing than a rocket popsicle!

What is your favorite refreshment during summer months?

Would you like to see some summer salad recipes?

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