I'll be back very soon!

Hi smoothies,

It has been a pretty long time I shared something with you guys but I've been quiet busy lately!
I've been looking intensively for an internship lately. Next year I'm graduating in my master of Business Administration option Finance & Risk- yeey - ! The second semester is entirely dedicated to an internship so that's what's taking my time lately, contacting companies to apply for an internship.
Besides that I have also a couple of exams I have to retake. I passed the second semester all of my exams very well but in the first semester we had 9 courses and I dropped 3 of them because I didn't think I was able to pass all of them. One exam was Tuesday and it went very well :-)! The next one is Saturday and the last one is next Friday the 30th of August. So thumbs up for me!

I promise you guys the next post will be very soon and it will be worth waiting for because I want to write about some very exciting relevant topics!

CĂ©line x.

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