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 1. Put your mirror in front of a window. 

when it comes to make up, nobody wants to look like a child's coloring book. There for I always put my mirror in front of a very bright window so I know how I look like in daylight. it avoids me looking  over tanned or looking like a panda of too much concealer.  by putting your mirror in front of the window you can obtain a much more natural look.

2.  curl your lashes in 5 short pulses (instead of 1 long pulse)

This way your lashes will last longer curled and your look will be much more open. another tip is to hold your curler straight, don't hold it angled thinking this will give you that bambi eye look. that will make them overlap and give a sloppy effect.

3. Don't use liquid foundation in the summer.

If you're like me and you have an oily skin avoid using liquid foundation in summer. The heat will make your skin look greasy and shiny and that's what we all try to avoid, right? I think even people who normally don't have an oily skin start to look like they have one. 
Instead of using a liquid foundation, try a mineral powder foundation. It will soak up the oil when your starting to sweat and it will blend much easier with your tanned skin. 
If you're blessed with an almost perfect skin then opt for only a concealer and some blush or bronzing powder. the tan will smooth your skin so please don't cover it under a thick layer of foundation!
My favorite mineral foundation is the one from Mica Bella cosmetics. it comes in 9 different shades even for darker skin tones. the powder gives you a glowy natural finish without looking too shiny or glittery. I bought it in the UK I think 2 or 3 years ago and it's still not finished. I don't know if they sell it  anywhere in Belgium  but you can order it on their website. 
Another good mineral foundation is the one from MAC. it also gives you a natural finish as it comes in many shades but it doesn't have such a glowy finish as the one from MICA Bella.

4. Reuse the brush of your favorite mascara!
If you're a student like me, you definitely know what I'm talking about when I say that I really need that expensive Dior mascara but I actually can't afford it.
Well buy yourself your favorite mascara for one time and when you run out of it buy yourself a cheaper mascara from a drugstore brand. Now you can use the brush of your expensive one with the liquid of the cheaper one. It works perfectly and I do it all the time. I bought myself once the Dior Blackout mascara which I think is the best mascara if you want to have a lot of volume ( NOT smudgy lashes full of clumps!) and perfectly separated lashes. Now that I ran out of liquid I use the brush with a tube of bourgeois mascara ( also not a bad mascara but just not that perfect effect like the Dior Blackout one)

another tip to create more volume is to put a thin line of liquid eyeliner alongside your lashes. It will add way more volume in a second!

5. Wipe yourself a natural skin complexion

Are you afraid to look a bit overdone after you put foundation, concealer, facial powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter? Basic rule is to blend it all out but even after doing that I still think that it looks too much so after I did all of my make up (only facial make up is good as well) I wipe my face lightly with a tissue especially around the contours of my face. It actually blends your make up like you would do it with a brush and takes away the excess make up.

6. Tweeze your brows in the car
Put tweezers in your car so when you see some hair popping up out of the line of your brow you can tweeze   it out with excellent daylight so you see all the excess hair ( much better than in a mirror in your bathroom)!
In my opinion Tweezerman tweezers are definitely the best. they have sharp fine tip so you can even reach the tiniest little hair. Get yourself one  in a poppy color for the summer!

Do you like beauty tips or reviews? What do you want the next post is about? Keep me posted!

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