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Hey guys,
Hopefully you’re having a happy Sunday. Here you see a few things that's been on my wish list lately

I’m craving these bracelets for a while right now. They’re from stretch that dollar and they’re GORGEOUS! I secretly hope my boyfriend will give me one as a present, maybe after this post…
600171_544087098964503_903298784_n 5257_544087288964484_2066421932_n 150478_544086988964514_1641187448_n 375062_562966720409874_76266525_n stretch that dollar

wings t-shirt
asos wing tshirt

supertrash naz necklace
supertrash necklace aztec

Zara jacket
zara jacket

Zara aztec shorts
zara aztec shorts

ciate velvet manicure
ciate velvet manicure

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