resuming my blog

Hi everyone,

I resume my blogging life as I spend a lot of time at my desk lately.
The reason I quit writing a long long time ago is basically because I didn't have the time for it, Not that I have a lot of time right now but I don't know I felt like sharing my experiences again with you guys.

the posts I'm going to write will include much more foodies. HEALTHY foodies and sometimes a little cheat to that because like all of my friends now I love to eat healthy and cook BUT what I love even more is having a good time with friends & family and so I spent quite some time eating out or having a glass of wine
speaking of it, Tonight is friday night and I welcome that glass of wine big time because I've been working a lot for school lately, especially on my bachelor test. Speaking of this, I should probably  continue working on that.

Anyways, the new version of this blog will include fashion / food / decorating / going out / ....

The picture below is a green juice ( I call it a green lemonade because with the ice it just tastes more like a lemonade). Will be a great swap for coke light this summer for me!
I made it this week with my brand new juicer I got from my boyfriend. I've always wanted to have such a thing and now I finally got it as a present YEEY!

green juice to get energized from the moment you wake up
Any suggestions to add? What subjects do you like?

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